Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving Maps (-) to new web home

All the information about development status and support pages is getting moved to . I'll change links on Android Market and inside application starting from next version. Having blog and readers comments proved to be nice way to collect feedback and ideas. I'll try to introduce maps specific dynamic content that could be used as a forum. Well, this is the news. Thank you everyone for the nice words and encouragement.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maps (-) is out for public consumption Cards (-) is next for active development

Finally did some motivational monetization attempt for Maps. :) There are lots of ideas sitting in the 'nice to have' queue. One of those is to implement it as a generic 'geo' view intent, so that it could be used to open address from Cards (-).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Found bug in "Cards" today

Visited furniture store and wanted to have pictures of coffee table (along with price) to be linked to note card. After 5th picture taken/linked, note card is crashing on opening. Looks like memory is not enough to scale all the big pictures to thumbnails. Need to optimize it and cache thumbnails somewhat in database.

Better tiles caching with Maps (-)

Next version is almost ready. Works pretty snappy on emulator and my phone. Did optimization and constant feedback, so it's clear what application is actually doing when map does not have enough tiles to show on a screen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cards (-) progress

Working on including bunch of features to the app. I also found it doesn't do well on starting speed. Shows too much of a black screen. Should fix it as soon as possible.
What's up in next release? Schedule type got 'Weekdays' field. Would have an ability to specify set of days when schedule apply.
Included 'Picture' type. Could be assigned with any picture from the gallery.
Working on reimplementing search. Making it asynchronous and using standard search widget.
Date/time formatting is fixed to default phone settings.
Fixed some UI annoyances.

Would probably release it before fixing contacts import for Droid.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maps (-) is pushed to market

There is an application I've been working for some time. Really, I needed such a basic information as maps to be available on my smart-phone at any time. There is a nice AndNav application that does even more that I need in this case but it's a big one and a little slow as for my taste. Plus I wanted an app that does not annoy with GPS messages.
Here we go. Maps (-) is on the Market.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Improvementrs are here

New release is almost ready. There are fixes for events notifications and performance. Some new simple types that I needed badly (like 'schedule' for store working hours).
It knows now how to import vCard files.
Made optional tool-bar for on-screen buttons. Didn't find it very usefull yet. It takes screen space. Would have to rethink layout to incorporate at least 'add' button nicely.
More features are lined up. Don't want to delay with release till everything is implemented. It feels like some often (weekly) releases may be more fun and faster feedback.