Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Cards" Personal Information Manager

Like with big production projects, personal project is pulling resources out of developer (me) right before release :) Well, here we go. It's almost ready. Documentation is on the go, signing packages, dealing with license, last bugs, cutting last corners on "nice to have but doesn't fit the schedule" features.
I'm not much in to writing blogs or talking about software. Writing software is so much more fun though.
Anyway. This page is initial place for comments, complains, bug-reports.


  1. Hello, am guessing this maybe the work of Nicholas Gramlich*, main concept designer and developer for android os based AndNav open source application? If this is not you, forgive me. If this is you... yo man, thank you soooo much for all your hard work from early on, I really think ur totally awesome and wish I had a chance to shake your hand. I wish much success to your future and all your effort providing everyone cool and useful apps. And want u to know it does not go unappreciated. Once again thanks,

    A big fan of your works,


  2. Hi,
    no, I'm not Nicholas :) I like his application though and been partially inspired by AndNav to create my Maps (-) app.
    I guess nick is confusing. Well, it's hostory started well before my Android development passin begins so I use it :)


  3. Andry,

    When will you be releasing your next update?

  4. Hi,
    it might take another week to fix bugs I found and implement features with status "must have" :)
    some of those are:
    - password protection
    - contacts with photos sync form vCard file
    - repeat field for reminders

    If you have any other pressing improvements or report a bug, please write me an email (coderminus@gmail.com) so I can keep track of issues/suggestions.