Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's released to market. Finally. I have got a bit of comments and compiled small list of feature requests. Too bad market is not to much of interacting with users tool. Could not ask questions and give explanations.
What I realized is: documentation is not quite enough and should be re-thought. Appearance of application also needs to be adjusted to suggest how cards are divided by types.


  1. I have installed Cards on my Android G1 and so far, I love it!
    I have a question about Pictures. I would love to be able to add pictures into any type of category (card types) (field type)
    I also have synced my contacts and I notice that any contact that had a photo / avatar / icon prior to syncing, shows in cards. But on my contacts that did not previously have a contact photo /avatar / icon, I do not see any way to add one. Is that possible from within cards? Or do I need to go back out to my phonebook and add photos there and then re-sync?

    Overall, very nice app and I can see it becoming one of my most used on the g1.
    Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Hi, thank you for the feedback. Sorry I missed your comment. (somehow hoped to receive some notification from google blogger about new comments).
    You are right. Pictures are done quite lazy way as of now. "Cards" just pools whatever is in phone contacts. Having custom pictures per card is a first feature in my personal list.
    This app is a long overdue for updates. Don't even want to mention all lame excuses why it's not done yet. Let's say while it's not my main business for now it's a dev time limitations.
    You don't need to re-sync contacts to have pictures appear in a list. Just make sure you jave a contact in a phone 'Contacts' with same full name and it would automatically be matched and shown.